You’re Never Too Old to Play Piano

Reasons adults should learn to play the piano

It’s possible you have always wanted to play piano, but time has passed, and perhaps you believe you are too old to bother starting. Never let age be an excuse! This advice applies to many aspects of life, but today we are talking about learning a musical instrument, specifically the piano. Piano is a great instrument to learn, even as an adult. Here are some of the many reasons you should consider taking up piano, even if you are no longer a child.

Why piano?

Piano is one of the most versatile instruments around. You can play virtually any type of music on the keys. In fact, since standard music notation is based on piano keys, you have access to much more sheet music than you would with any other musical instrument out there. So…what are the other benefits of learning to play this fine instrument?

It keeps your mind working

Learning music is a great way to keep your mind active. From learning basic notation and chord structure, you can move into more advanced notation and concepts, expanding your knowledge at whatever pace you choose. It is much like moving from basic addition and subtraction to algebra, only much more fun!

After a while, you will start to grasp chord progressions and know where your playing is going in a musical piece without having to give it a second thought. It’s a great feeling.

It exercises your hands

As you move your fingers across the keys, you are giving your fingers a decent workout. You are using many muscles in your hands and arms at the same time. Playing piano is a great way to keep your motor skills working at their best, which is important to us aging folk.

Some important things to remember: proper placement of your hands and arms is critical to avoid injury or unnecessary muscle fatigue. It’s also a good idea to do various hand exercises when you are not at the keyboard. This is a great reason to get professional training; you will be able to stop bad habits before they start and get good suggestions for hand exercises.

It’s relaxing

Playing the piano is a great way to relax. Imagine coming home at the end of a hard day. What better way to relax than to tickle the ivories for a while? Even better, it’s a great way to entertain family and friends at parties and other get-togethers.

So, play the piano and set aside your worries for a while.


Make money

If you become proficient enough, you may find yourself in demand to play gigs in the studio or on the stage. (We will go over how to get out there to make the necessary connections in another article.) These kinds of gigs can be lucrative, even if on a small level. Why not make some money while doing what you enjoy?

Give it a try

Don’t let your age be a self-imposed stumbling block! You are never too old to pursue your passion. Get in contact with Glenn Sutton today to begin your piano lessons.