Taking Piano Lessons or Keyboard Lessons

Music instruction with Glenn Sutton

No matter where you are on life’s journey or how much or little musical experience you have had, taking lessons in piano or keyboard will enhance your life. If you are beginning, you need someone who will stay in your corner and encourage your progress. If you are already a keyboard player, it is just as important to have good instruction in order to enhance and improve your playing. In this article, we will discuss what to look for in a music instructor, how to most effectively use your time and energy while in training, and why you should consider Glenn Sutton for your teacher.

What to look for in a piano or keyboard instructor

Although there are many methods of learning piano and keyboard, no method is better than one-on-one, live training. This provides for truly personalized instruction. It also allows for immediate constructive feedback. Just as an example, one correction in posture or hand placement can save you a lot of time and energy and maximize your playing ability. Try getting that on YouTube!

Whether you are a brand new player or a seasoned pro looking to brush up, you need a music instructor who remembers what it is like to be in your shoes. You need to have an instructor who plays above your skill level, but is patient and can break down concepts in a way that is easy to understand. A good instructor will customize your learning plan to suit your learning speed and taste in music.

How to make the most of your instruction

Keep in mind that you are investing time and money into this endeavor. You need to put an even greater investment in energy and effort. Make music your priority. Respect your time, and your teacher’s. Be on time for every lesson, and be prepared for the lesson. Communicate openly with your instructor about any concerns or questions, and listen to your teacher’s instructions and advice with open ears and an open mind.

If you are able, set aside a room or a section of a room for practice. Keep it free of clutter, and try to have everything set up in advance. Shut off your cell phone and computer while you practice, unless you are using software or apps to assist you in learning. Set aside the same time of day and amount of time every day you can for practice, and stick to it. Practice at least three or four days per week and for half an hour to an hour per day. More is ALWAYS better.

Glenn Sutton

Glenn has been active in the music business for many years. He has played in venues throughout Southern California in every genre imaginable. He is also a studio veteran and has composed and performed his own music. He is knowledgeable in all genres of music. In addition to piano, Glenn plays and teaches guitar and bass. He has the expertise and the patience to make your learning experience memorable. Contact him today for an appointment.