Why Piano is the Best Instrument to Learn

Considering the Keys

Learning a musical instrument is one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences available. Once you have decided to start on this journey, you may then wonder what instrument it would be best to learn. If you have already decided on an instrument, that’s great. Go for it! If you are not sure which one to learn, or want to start with a versatile instrument, you really should consider learning piano. Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose piano.

Piano is easy to learn

One of the most appealing things about the piano is how simple it is in its makeup, just a set of keys and some pedals. Not too complicated, compared to other music makers. Relative to other musical instruments, piano is easy to learn.

Most sheet music is based on piano, and while learning styles and results will vary depending on the student, many people are able to bang out a simple tune using sheet music within one lesson! From there, you can learn at your own pace and in a number of different ways. If you have sufficient talent and drive, you may wind up amazing yourself at how much you progress in just a short period.

Piano is versatile

Virtually all western music uses piano, either as a primary or secondary instrument. Whether you are playing a Rachmaninoff concerto, doing a jazz improvisation, or simply adding a keyboard flourish to a rock song, there is a place for you as a piano player. The cool thing is, it doesn’t take long before you can start playing professionally or semi-professionally; more on that below. (The concerto will need to wait at first, but is something you can work on at the same time.)

The sky is the limit

Because of their inherent physical attributes, many other instruments have limitations on how far you can advance as a player. With piano, there are virtually no limits. You can simply progress as a player in your chosen style or make yourself more versatile and marketable by playing in different genres. There are multiple advantages to playing in different styles. One of them is that you may incorporate different styles to create one that is uniquely yours.

A good piano player is always in demand

There simply aren’t as many professional pianists as there are other musicians these days. Once you become proficient with the piano, you can find a number of gigs opening up to you with a little effort. This can be in a live setting or it can be in the studio. You may find yourself doing multiple sessions as a side player, or you may end up starting your own group. The possibilities are endless.

How to get started

Although there are many methods of learning piano, it is best to have live one-on-one training whenever possible. Check your area and ask around for a good instructor, and don’t be afraid to try several before you land on one who works well with you.