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Beginner’s Guitar Lessons with Glenn Sutton

Almost every known genre of music in the western world has guitar as a lead or supporting instrument. Its portability, playability, and versatility make the guitar perhaps the most popular instrument in the world. If you have decided to start playing guitar, there are several things to keep in mind, particularly when it comes to choosing an instructor. Here, we will discuss what to look for, and why you should consider Glenn Sutton.

The Instrument, the Teacher, and You

You may feel overwhelmed by the choices when it comes to guitars. Let’s keep things simple to start. You are a beginner, and so it is best to stick to a basic, well-made guitar. A good music instructor or guitar dealer can help narrow things down. Starter kits are generally good choices, as they contain everything you need at a reasonable price.

If at all possible, you should get in-person, one-on-one training from a local professional. A good music teacher can help you plan out your progression. He or she can tailor the lessons to your style and speed of learning. A teacher can also correct your mistakes in real time and encourage you when you need it. If you intend to be in it for the long haul, you want to learn from someone you can trust and will work as hard for you as you are going to for yourself.

As a long-time guitarist and bassist in the area, Glenn has played in numerous genres in both the concert hall and the recording studio. He knows what it takes to be a success. At the same time, he is well experienced in teaching students at all different levels. He is patient and flexible.

Stay the Course

You may become frustrated that you are not playing at the level you would like to early on. You are not alone, but please understand that even the masters of the art started at the same level as you. They took whatever native talent they may have had and combined it with dedication and hard work. It paid off for them and can pay off for you.

The building blocks of music include notation, chords, basic melody, rhythm, progressions, and other parts of music theory. In time, your teacher will give you full pieces of music to learn. This should keep it interesting for you, but you should still stick primarily to mastering these basics. A good teacher like Glenn can keep things interesting for you.

You will hit a “brick wall” from time to time. Things do get challenging, and that is actually a goal to strive for. What separates the pros from the rest is that they keep pushing through, keep trying, and eventually succeed. You can do the same. Glenn understands that and will help you break through by encouraging you and leading you to possibilities you may not have considered.

Contact Glenn Sutton

Glenn has been serving the Poway music community for many years and has a proven track record as a professional musician in many genres. He can help you along your way to being a successful guitar player. Call him today at 619-306-3664.