Reasons Beginners Quit Playing The Guitar

Playing the guitar is an enjoyable experience that is shared by millions of people all over the world. Some people play it on a professional level while others play it as a hobby. A popular instrument, the guitar can be found in just about ever genre of music. Learning how to play the guitar takes time, patience and dedication. Unfortunately, many people stop playing shortly after they begin and the reasons why are listed here.

Sore fingers

Every guitar player – especially beginners – suffers from sore fingers at one point or another during their guitar playing endeavors. Pressing your fingers against the strings causes them to get sore as they are not used to the texture of the strings, the pressure required to hold them down and the tension in the fingers themselves. Beginners quit before they build up the calluses required and because they are afraid that the pain will not go away. You need to play through the soreness in order to build up calluses on your fingertips and strength in your fingers.

High expectations

Many beginner guitar players are under the impression that playing the guitar is easier than it actually is. They set their goals too high and then are disappointed when they can’t play the guitar like their favorite artist. Playing the guitar takes time, discipline and patience. It’s better to set realistic and attainable goals so that you can work your way up to playing like a star as you improve.


In order to play the guitar successfully, you need to be skilled and the only way that happens is by practicing. Some beginners may pick up things quicker than others and this can be discouraging. Instead of setting the guitar aside, keep practicing and gain the skill you need to play.


This is required in order to really play the guitar the way you want to. You have to have time to commit to practicing so that you learn properly and can keep improving. Many beginners find practicing time consuming and boring, making them give up and set the instrument aside. Make it a point to set aside time to practice and find a way to make it fun so you don’t give up.


The guitar is a challenging instrument to learn and if you lose your motivation, you will give up playing. Instead of practicing being a chore, make it into something that is fun. Mix up your routine so that you stay motivated and see the progress you are making in your playing.

Always remember that learning how to play the guitar will take time, patience and dedication. The skills you need will not come to you overnight, but if you keep at it and don’t give up, you’ll find yourself playing successfully in no time.