How to Improve Your Guitar Playing in 5 Easy Steps

Improving your guitar playing is not as difficult as you think

It doesn’t make a difference whether you are just beginning on guitar or a seasoned, gigging pro, one thing is true: There is ALWAYS room for improvement. Of course, as long as you are applying yourself, you are likely to improve. There are several things that you may not be doing which can amplify and accelerate your success as a musician. We are about to reveal several secrets which can unlock success. Read on!

Develop a “10X” attitude

In his book THE 10X RULE: THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESS AND FAILURE, author Grant Cardone puts it succinctly: In order to achieve marked success in any endeavor, you need to apply yourself 10 times more than you think is necessary. Anyone who has achieved massive success has, consciously or unconsciously, used this rule and given ten times the effort of the average person. Are you willing to put in that kind of intensity? How important is it to you? Only you can decide for yourself.

Maximize practice and lesson time

How prepared are you for your practice and lesson time? You only have a limited amount of time with your instructor, so maximize it. Arrive early and make sure you have spent enough time working on the previous session’s lessons during your allotted practice time. As for the practice time itself, have a space set aside in your home for practice. Have a corresponding space set aside in your calendar and STICK TO IT. Have everything ready to go at the beginning of your session, including a snack or refreshment and your sheet music organized and ready to go. A bit of prep work up front can help you maximize your time.

Listen more

Listen more to your favorite music. Listen more to your fellow musicians. Listen more to your instructor. Open your mind and your ears to more of what surrounds you. You might be surprised at how everything you hear around you, both musical and non-musical, can influence your musicianship. This goes doubly if you are also a songwriter.

Play outside of your chosen genre

This is a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to improving your playing. It is far too easy to fall into a rut in your playing if you play the same type of music all the time. If you play rock, try a couple of country tunes on for size. If you are a jazz player, consider a classical piece or two (you don’t have to switch to a “classical” guitar for this). Genre-busting can expand your horizons and at the same time improve your playing in multiple ways.


Far too many teacher-student relationships are decidedly one-sided. In order to improve your musicianship, an often overlooked aspect is communication between you and your teacher. The more you express yourself, the better. Do you feel the pace of the lessons is too fast or slow? Are there particular songs you want to learn? Is there a particular area of your playing that you want to concentrate on for a while? They won’t know unless you tell them.


By trying one or more of these methods of improvement you may very well find yourself excelling at a rate you never thought possible.