Do I Need A Guitar Teacher?

How do you know if you are playing your instrument of choice the right way? How do you know for sure that it is in tune or that you have your fingers in the right positions? The first person to ever play an instrument asked themselves the same questions and for those who actually developed the instrument, it is their guidance we have followed throughout the centuries. For anyone learning how to play an instrument, including the guitar, a teacher is highly recommended.

The guitar can be a complicated instrument to learn how to play. Without a guitar teacher and some type of guitar lesson, you may find yourself struggling to play anything other than the chords that are found in most guitar books. You won’t be able to figure out how to play a scale. You won’t have the music theory knowledge that is required to construct chords or play pentatonic licks that is popular in almost every genre of music played. Without a teacher and some music lessons, you’ll basically be playing by ear.

In order to be successful playing the guitar, you need to understand proper fingering and hand position. While it’s pretty easy to figure out how to play basic chords with little to no guidance, more complicated chords and techniques will be just outside your grasp. A guitar teacher will guide you in placing your fingers in the proper position on both your chord hand and your plucking hand so that your playing is smooth, articulate and successful.

Guitar teacher

Guitar teacher

Can you learn how to play the guitar by watching videos on a website or purchasing more complicated instruction manual? You could, but you will still need a teacher to help you perfect what you have taught yourself. You would have to follow the directions or video perfectly in order to ensure that you playing the guitar the right way. Tablature is helpful in learning solos and patterns, but it doesn’t tell you why the piece of music was written a specific way and why the notes go together so well. It also doesn’t help you learn how to improvise your own solos.

Music theory can be taught with books and videos, allowing you to spend time learning everything about fifths, flats, sharps, and the wide range of chords you can choose from to play on your guitar. However, a teacher will be able to demonstrate to you how to play these different notes, how a single finger placement can change a note from a sharp to a flat and how to put it all together. Even the most seasoned guitar player still learns new things from sitting with another guitar player and trading riffs.

If you want to learn how to play the guitar or if you already have a foundation in playing then contact Glenn Sutton at 619-306-3664. You never know what you might learn and you’ll be surprised at how your playing improves.