Guitar Cleaning – What You Should Know

What should you know about guitar cleaning? Find out why it’s so important to keep a clean guitar for a good playing and practicing experience. Read on right now to see how easy it can be to go about guitar cleaning.

Why is guitar cleaning so important and why do so many people turn a blind eye to it? One of the simplest and easiest things you can do to maintain your guitar is to keep it well cleaned of dust and debris. Why is it important to do this and how can you go about doing it properly without damaging your instrument? These are some of the questions most new guitar players ask when learning about the importance of keeping a well maintained and clean instrument to play and practice with.

Dust can gather virtually anywhere on a guitar and cause serious problems. Using a soft cloth or even a simple feather duster can help you clean out the dust and debris without worrying about damaging strings or scratching the instrument itself. Wiping down the guitar after practicing or playing it is a good way to keep it clean. Do this before you put it back in your case and make sure you wipe down every side of the instrument including front, sides, back, fingerboard and the back of the neck too. Make sure you clean thoroughly and that you actually get the dust and debris out of the instrument.

Cleaning each string is a great way to not only protect your instrument from unwanted damage but to prolong the life of your strings. Strings can add up in cost over time and the longer you are able to keep them in good condition the better it will be on your bank account. Oils from your fingers will make the strings corrode over time and they will lose their strength and sound. The good news is that you can wipe most of this oil off to avoid this corrosion. Just make sure you wipe down your strings after every practice or playing session.

Another important thing to remember when going to keep your guitar clean is that overall it’s a very sensitive instrument that can be affected by humidity and temperature. These factors can cause the wood to flex and actually change size and shape—making it out of tune and not as good to play. If you want to clean a guitar that hasn’t been used in a while then make sure you dust it first and give the wood a wipe down and polish. Using a jeweler’s chrome polish on the metal parts you can clean up the tuners, the bridge and tuning knobs as well.

Another good word of advice for good guitar cleaning practice is to always use a case for your guitar when it isn’t in use. This will help keep it clean, protected and you will not have to do as much cleaning in between uses. If you are serious about becoming good at the guitar keeping a clean instrument is just as important as practicing often and regularly. With just a few minutes of cleaning the instrument regularly you will save yourself money and headache down the road. Keep your guitar clean for a long life and better sounding playing experience.

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